We use the term “Let it Grow” to represent the value of Cell-Ess® for growing many different types of cells scientists use to advance basic research and drug discovery.

Cell-Ess is a chemically defined serum replacement for FBS used in cell culture. FBS is a common medium supplement that supplies many basic factors to help cells grow. During the last 60 years, discovery needs of scientific researchers have progressed past simply needing billions of growing cells.

The curse of FBS use in cell culture is that FBS contains over 300 factors that vary from lot to lot. That variation makes it difficult to understand which factors are in play, influencing a cell’s behavior.

Is cell behavior changing because of a factor from the FBS or a factor designed into the experiment? You just don’t know.

There is NO lot-to-lot variation with Cell-Ess. When cell culturists use Cell-Ess as a serum replacement to “Let it Grow” they achieve better control of their experiment, more precise understanding of their cells performance and greater convenience of use.

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