Cryo-Ess® Pure Preservation is a chemically defined cell cryopreservation medium that doesn’t contain serum or DMSO.

Once a research scientist prepares and modifies a cell for his research, it’s common to cryopreserve those cells for future experiments. Researchers want those cells to be healthy and recover quickly after cryopreservation.

A key challenge to freezing cells for long term storage is selecting the best method to protect and preserve those cells from damage. As water in the cells freezes, it causes cell destruction. Serum and DMSO are often used as components in the cryopreservative cocktail to keep water from causing freeze damage.

Serum use introduces uncontrolled variables into subsequent cell culture experiments, while DMSO is toxic to cells, requires special handling, storage and disposal. These limitations make both components less favorable for use.

Since Cryo-Ess is animal component free and a non-toxic, cell cryopreservation medium, it provides “pure” preservation and a better level of control and performance for experiments as well as convenience for the researcher.

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