Cell-Ess Supports CHO-K1 Proliferation in Suspension or Adherent Cultures

CHO-K1 Cells 24 Hours After Seeding


A–FBS (5%) Enriched Medium


B–Cell-Ess Enriched Medium


C–Cell-Ess Enriched Medium + 250 ng/ml Vitronectin

Cell-Ess enriched medium is comparable to FBS (5%) enriched medium. Addition of vitronectin led to improved adherence of the CHO-K1 cells.

Cell-Ess enriched media may effectively replace FBS in CHO-K1 cell cultures in both suspension or adherent cultures.


The following protocol should be utilized with cells “addicted” to FBS (not necessary for Ex vivo cells)

When you receive your Cell-Ess please use a “switching process.” During the switching process, it is recommended that you use the same concentration of serum plus serum replacement as in your protocol.

The following is an example of the switching process.

  • If 15% FBS is in use now, then the first sample test will use 10% FBS and 5% Cell-Ess® in combination.
  • The switching process will then proceed to 5% FBS and 10% Cell-Ess® in combination.
  • The final sample will be 15% Cell-Ess® and no FBS.
  • This process should verify that Cell-Ess® be sufficient to replace FBS in full. In extreme cases 5% FBS supplement will be needed for an extended switching process as follows.
  • To reduce to less than 5% FBS testing can be done at a reduction of 1% FBS and addition of 1% Ess-Cell until the desired outcome is achieved.