Autoimmune T Cells cultured in Cell-Ess respond equivalently to those in FBS when measured by proliferative response or secretion of inflammation mediators

Experiment Summary

The Neuro-antigen PLP 139-151 is used in animal models of multiple sclerosis (MS)

3 SJL Mice were primed with the neuro-antigen PLP 139-151 in CFA.  Seven days later the spleens were harvested and a single cell suspension was made.  Cells were plated and cultured in DMEM supplemented with either FBS or Cell-Ess.

Splenic T cell cells proliferated well following ex vivo re-stimulation with the priming peptide PLP139-151 when cultured in Cell-Ess. Roughly 2x expansion when cells were counted 72 hours after stimulation.


The activation of Il-17 of murine splenic T Cells cultured in Cell-Ess is equivalent to cells grown in FBS. Il-17 from supernates was detected by ELISA.


Re-Stimulation by PLP-139-151 of murine splenic T Cells was robust for cell cultured in either Cell Ess or FBS.  CCL2 was detected by ELISA from culture supernates.