Superior Control and Performance with Cell-Ess® Serum Replacement

Cell-Ess® supports cell functionality as measured by activation and protein secretion, yet doesn’t contain signaling factors that impact performance in…

…T-Cell Activation Cultures

CD4 T cells were purifi ed from mouse spleens then cultured, activated with anti-CD3 and anti-CD28 in either FBS or Cell-Ess. Cytokines were assayed 72 hours later.

Controlled results with Cell-Ess

While IL-2 response is similar in both groups (1a), IL-10 was elevated only in FBS (1b) suggesting something in FBS, such as TGF-ß, induced IL-10.


…Macrophage Activation Cultures

Peritoneal macrophages were isolated and plated. Purified macrophages were then cultured and activated with LPS in either FBS or Cell-Ess. Cytokines were assayed after 16 hours.

Controlled results with Cell-Ess

Potent cytokine response in LPS activated mouse macrophages cultured in Cell-Ess. The IL-10 response between the 2 groups is similar (2a), but IL-1ß is suppressed in FBS (2b), suggesting something in that lot, such as TGF-ß, suppressed the response.