Some of your peers have reached out to us to share their concerns about using FBS with their cells and some have reached out to us to share their successes with Cell-Ess Serum Replacement.
We thought we would share both with you.

Problems with FBS

“I need to know exactly what I’m giving my cells and with serum that is impossible.”
Pancreatic Cancer Researcher, Midwest Medical Center

“My cells are being inhibited by serum.”
Disease Researcher, West Coast BioPharma

“Lots of things in serum are causing trouble with my primary cells.”
Southern University Researcher – human intestinal cells

Successes with Cell-Ess

“My MSCs grew well in Cell-Ess. No adaptation or optimization required”
(adaptation not required for Primary Cells)
Stem Cell researcher, Midwest Medical Center

“Cell-Ess worked well as a feed additive for our CHO production.”
Process Development Specialist, West Coast BioPharma

“My human fibroblasts are working fine with Cell-Ess.”
Midwest Medical School

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