The Curse of Fetal Bovine SerumThe Cure of Cell-Ess®
Serum contains unknown and variable levels of proteins, hormones, cytokines and attachment factors, all of which affect cell behavior. All of these variables are uncontrolled and can directly impact your experimental results.Cell-Ess is completely synthetic, serum-free, animal component-free and hormone-free. No lot to lot variation re-establishes your control.
Serum may have contaminants such as viruses, prions, mycoplasma, endotoxins, and other infective agents along with their byproducts Your cells can be compromised by using serum.Cell-Ess is chemically defined with no animal components and is sterile-filtered.
Serum often requires extra steps and treatments before use: thawing, heating for inactivation, irradiating, filtering, charcoal stripping, dialyzing, and others associated with purifying serum in one way or another.Cell-Ess is never frozen and ready to use without special treatments or handling. Start your cell culture faster and hassle free.
Each lot of FBS is unique; consequently, you spend time and effort testing multiple lots to find one that works best.Cell-Ess is chemically defined and produced under cGMP quidelines so each lot works just like the last and the next.
To ensure sufficient supply of a validated "good" serum lot, you are required to purchase enough to meet all project needs. This immediately ties up your budget and freezer space.Buy Cell-Ess as you need it. Store it in your refrigerator, not your freezer. Utilize your budget and storage space when you want to.
Serum-free media contain often contain growth factors and or transferrin placed into solution at time of manufacture. The degradation of those factors begins at time of solution leading to reducinq media performance over time.Cell-Ess has a dual-component design which provides full growth factor potency when you use it.
Serum-free media are usually specialized for only one cell type. For several cell types, you will need several different serum-free media.Cell-Ess is shown to work across numerous cell lines and with primary cells.
Serum-free media often fail to include lipids which may be required for optimum cell growth and signaling.Cell-Ess includes key lipids along with a unique delivery system to make them available to cells.